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Meet the team!

Gemma is a qualified ecologist with 11 years' consultancy experience. Gemma has substantial experience in both developer-led and development management capacities, having worked in both private practice and the public sector. Gemma is experienced in supplying reports to support the planning process as well as providing ecological consultee advice to Local Planning Authorities. Gemma holds licenses for bats (level 2) and great crested newt and is qualified in Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue. Gemma's specialism is bats, particularly carrying out aerial inspections for bats in trees.

Ollie is a qualified arborist with 20 years experience both carrying out arboricultural works and managing contracts teams. Ollie has substantial experience working on ecologically constrained sites and working closely with Ecological Clerk of Works. Ollie has worked on all scales of development ...............


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