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Hybrid Services

We can provide Hybrid services; combining elements of ecological consultancy and arboricultural work.


Some examples of this type of work are provided below.

  • Aerial bat inspections on trees followed by remedial tree works, and/or felling

  • Hand-clearance:

    • during winter in suitable reptile habitat; 

    • during nesting season to include nest checks and monitoring; and

    • around a badger sett to facilitate a thorough badger survey.

  • Systematic clearance and reptile translocation

  • Surveys to inform management plans and management implementation

  • Ecological Clerk of Works and river bank clearance 

  • Invasive weed surveys and treatment 

  • Hibernaculum creation

  • Creation of habitat piles

  • Installation of bird and bat boxes via rope and harness  

  • Clearance around the base of a tree to facilitate a full Visual Tree Inspection

  • Aerial defect surveys on trees via rope and harness 

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