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This photo and two videos were taken on the Bat Tree Habitat Key course run by Henry Andrews in December 2017 and show a brown long-eared bat in a frost crack. 

This series of photos were taken on a visit to the Sussex Bat Hospital. We met Jenny Clark and handled a wide range of species including common pipistrelle, natterer and soprano pipistrelle.  

The left photo was taken during the first week of the Bat Licence Training Course run by Sandie Sowler and Richard Crompton in August 2016. This soprano pipistrelle was captured using a mist net over a stream. 

The right photo is a male great crested newt trapped in Colchester as part of licensed monitoring.

These images were taken from videos of an active badger sett in south Essex. 

These photos are of aerial bat inspections in two separate locations in Essex. 

Bat box installation in Suffolk, February 2018. 

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